Friday, December 30, 2005

Camp, Christmas, Boxing Day, Yesterday and Today (and those random days in between) and Tomorrow

Sorry, this post's kinda long... and hence the procrastination in writing it...

Camp: Best described as... random fun chillout to be done more often. It was pretty sweet cos there were only two caravans and one other tent at the camp as it was just before Xmas, so it was as good as having the place to ourselves. The following past-times were thoroughly enjoyed;

  • Bonfire by the River - At a short (haha) 45 minute walk from the camp site, in the middle of the night, we found the 20m wide river. The following night we missioned down again and lit a killer bonfire which we accompanied with marshmallows.
  • Bullrush - One of my all time favourites, a good game of tackle bullrush! However, in the midst of spinning out of a tackle (which was done successfully) I thought I pulled a muscle on the lower left side of my ribs, front and back. A week and a half on and my father suspects I in fact have torn the cartilidge between my ribs, it fricken hurts... AND the person tackling me was Morgan, the same 'friend' who black-eyed me with a golf ball, maybe I should review this relationship.
  • Camp Games - Were we stoned? No, we were just playing 'The Ha Ha Game,' 'This is a ... A what? A ...,' 'Chicken Feet,' and spinning in circles with brooms, falling over, doing 'flexibility illusions' and hitting hands and tables in the middle of the night... (Some things are just funnier without an explanation).
  • Cards - P&A; Snap, a game which came down to an intense adrenalin battle between myself and a friend, of which I came out on top; Speed, of which I'm currently unbeatble; and Torture, which resulted in the usual bruised and mildly injured hands.
  • Cricket - Under the Summer sun (which visited us occasionally, on and off) we had a match of each man (or woman) for themselves. I don't think we kept a solid run count, but it was fun to hit the ball around.
  • Hide & Seek - A bizarely amusing game of Hide & Seek which we had in the middle of the night (three in the morning) in the 4 x 6m camp kitchen. This involved much kiwi innovation, manouvering tables and fridges and climbing on benches in pitch darkness. We quickly ran out of places to hide.
  • Petanque - Me 13: Morgan 2 (or 5 or 7, I can't remember, sorry)
  • Soccer - New Year's resolution, get fit! I played striker during the soccer season this year (til I tore a ligament in my ankle), so givin' the ole' ball a boot was fun. The game was casual but competitive and alot of fun.
  • Swimming - There was a pool beside the camp, so we went for a dip, it was regretfully freezing and we didn't stay long.
  • Tennis - Needing to jump the 3m(?) fence to avoid the insane $10/per hr fee (for a poorly kept facility with pot holes), I decided to give this one a miss, bbut a couple of others were keen and had a few hits.

Christmas: Ham, ham, ham, ham and...umm... ham

Prezzies in the morning, ham and all the complimentary dishes for lunch with my family and my grandparents, quiet day, ham and all the complimentary dishes for dinner with my family and our neighbours/friends/family of my brothers girlfriend. Lot's of pavalova too...

I must've been naughty this year cos' Santa didn't visit me *sniff* it took all I had to hold back the tears. Maybe it was because I didn't leave him milk and cookies, or hay and carrots for his reindeer. I won't forget next year!

My Prezzies... Clothing, jewellery, candy cane, soap, book of over 300 visual illusions, daily Mensa calender for '06, perfume, bags, cell phone thingee, a note paper/envelope/address book set

My Wishlist... Microsoft Creative Zen, Crash cymbal, Splash cymbal, cymbal stands, stick bag.

Maybe I should actually consider cost in next years wishlist...

Boxing Day: Day trip to Wanganui with my dad for the annual Boxing Day Battle of the Streets round the cemetry (motorbike races for those of you who don't know). It was a quality day of sun and I managed to get away with very little sunburn. The sidecars were great, I love 'em, especially the crowd favourite of the day which was an old Triumph sidecar.

Amazement of the day was a rider in the Formula Three category, who only had one arm! Well, he had two, but one just rested on his lap, he had clutch and throttle both on the right hand side and despite his handicap he was just as good as the rest riding in the upper half of the pack in all his races. Dunno who he actually is, but he did a bloody good job.

Highlight of the day... Andrew Stroud

Random Days: Saw King Kong, my favourite scene, which I thought was hilarious, was during the battle of the ape vs. three t-rex's, when Kong wrenched the upper and lower jaw of one of the t-rex's open, ripped the tongue out of it's mouth, then proceeded to dislocate the jaw (eliminating all muscle and tendon joins) and rammed the lower jaw into the back of the dinosaurs head. I thought it was a great movie, a couple of scenes may have lingered a little too long, stifling the momentum, but PJ made up for it by the films overall quality.

I discovered that I can tie knots in cherry stalks with my tongue and also noted that cherries, which I previously disliked, actually taste like plums and so have been steadily consuming them since.

Went to the North City with the olds for a browse at the post-xmas sales, bought a wallet and a couple of CD's - Detention by Grinspoon and Power Ballads: The double CD set by various artists. I also had a shirt which I got for xmas which I wasn't too keen on and thanks to the sales I exchanged it for two shirts and a bag.

Yesterday: I played my drums and piano alternating for hours on end then went to Morgan's in the evening as she moved to Auckland this morning
:-( sure she seems to have a tendency to injure me, but she really is a good mate. So a couple of other mates and myself watched some movies (Napolean Dynamite, House and Straight Hike for the Butch Dyke, a short film made by a Wgtn film student which is a spoof of TV's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) and crashed at Morgan's.

Today: This morning we couldn't keep back a few of our tears as we farewelled our token dreaded friend (and token band member) on the bus. Then I came home and had energy to burn so went on a nuts fitness frenzy, which was quite bizzare since I'm lazy and just don't do fitness stuff, I was pleasantly surprised...

  • An hour or two on the piano (great for toning the finger muscles)
  • 90 minutes on a bike (which has killed my legs now cos I've only ridden once in the last five years)
  • 20 minutes on the drums (good for the arms)
  • 15 press ups
  • 30 crunches

Don't think I did too bad for a lazy unfit muse. My dad's now asked me if I want to go mountain biking with him, I might stick to my previously stated new year's resolution and take up the offer.

And now, physically exhausted with a throbbing rib (which aches like it's broken, but I can't feel a crack or concave collapse - maybe I should've skipped the crunches, they were pretty killer), I'm writing this insanely long post which is really just me sounding like I'm talking to myself and rambling on reminiscingly (if that's a word) and watching Long Way Round with my mum, which was actually a xmas present for my dad.

Tomorrow: New Year's Eve! And I'm working... I'll meet up with freinds after and do something...

Have a happy new year!

And if you'd like something to make you think over the weekend, have a crack at this one...

'David and his wife went to a dinner party with four other couples. At the beginning of the party some people shook hands. (Obviously, no one shook his or her own hand or spouse's hand, and no one shook hands with the same person twice.) During the party David surveyed all the other people as to how many hands each one shook. He got different answers from everyone. What did his wife say?'

Who Has Time For This?

Check this out for the analysis.

Warning: This blog not recommended for readers with an IQ below 120.

And sorry again for the lengthy blog, I'll make the next few short...

Monday, December 19, 2005

That One Time, At Band Camp...

A bassist is moving to Auckland to be a chef at the Carlton (sp?) Hotel :-(

A farewell road trip had been planned, but fell through, so instead, we're going camping!! Who knows what shinanigans we'll get up to... Greytown, here we come! Lol, not the grandest of locations, but (if the weather's fine) should be fun!

Went for a rollerblade in town today, despite the clouds it was pretty hot. The wharf's always I nice place to go for a blade, spacious flat asphalt is one thing I am always greatful for. Went up Cuba too and watched some dude from Christchurch do the 'I can stand on glass' thing. He also juggled axes, but I'd have to agree with others that his top act was an odd thing he did with a bubble, a balloon and the air passage from his nose to his mouth...

My Camp Gear List
  • Cricket bat
  • Tennis rackets
  • Balls
  • Rugby Ball
  • Cards
  • Sunscreen
  • Money

Hopefully the sun'll be out

Sunday, December 18, 2005

And Another...

In response to my blog about 'Stuff' thanks to JJ for his 'Ode to Craig McMillan'

The Gladiator of the pitch
Keeps getting out to the Aussies across the ditch.
Unshaved, Unkempt
Maybe he has jock itch.

When he's in, its a six on the roof
But a champion player?
There's no recent proof.

A sledger from 'nam
And a striker with charm
But he'll wack Warne a six
Then the next ball buy the farm

Bring in Sinclair
Cos Macca's career has gone the shape of a pear
He's had his chance
But he muffed the last dance.
At least he was better than Robert Vance.

And One More Thing

A quick congrats to the Breakers, although I'm not an avid basketball follower, they ended their 11 game drought well.

Santa's Sleigh Was Always Much More Reliable

So I went to the carols in town last night at the ole' cake tin, hmm... a gay evening in the happiest sense of the word. I haven't been to that one before so I wasn't knowing what to expect, turned out an alright night...

  • 2 free glowsticks
  • 2 free bags of mini cinnamonitised donoughts
  • Santa got stranded 2 metres down the high wire he was supposed to fly in on
  • B1 and B2 both made appearances
  • As did Shrek, Tweety and Sylvester
  • and the highlight of my evening... a custom made hospital for lady birds

Christmas is the only time of the year when you can look around at all the jolly people and know that despite their happiness, you can safely assume half of them are broke...

Oh the joys of Christmas and the fat man in a red suit

Friday, December 16, 2005


Would someone please write an ode for McMillan...

Wednesday my band had a practice at mine then went go-karting with others at Kaiwharawhara, LOTSA fun. Duno about the safety standards, they let us go pretty nuts with the tyre walls flying and a fair amount of kart to kart contact. It was pretty rutheless, but I kicked butt! :D

We're hoping to do a rooftop gig down Courtney Place, we've got the venue, if we follow it through I'll let ya'll know.

Went to the beach yesterday, kissed a crab, as you do...

Go figure

Thursday, December 15, 2005

All the Young Fascists

Young people rioting in our very own streets, what's gonna happen next? Better watch out for 'dem babies...

I wish I lived in the 70's - peace and love...

...and rock 'n roll!!!

The Real King Kong

Aww... and he's just so damn cute...

(New born orangutan Madjur at Auckland zoo)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ripe Bananas

Bananas are my favourite fruit, so to the right---------------------------------->
are my ripe bananas.

These will probably change depending on the season, at the mo I have JJ and Oh, Crikey featuring and as I've said in a previous blog, I'm going to let you know what's where and what's what.


Jimmy Jangles...he's special and he doesn't know why, this was the first blog I read! He's a fellow Wellingtonian-ite and is well into his cricket. This blog makes a good read, dwelling in current events and local goings-on as well as having the added touch of humour and seasonal sporting analyses.

Oh, Crikey

Phil..another fellow Wellingtonian-ite. As of yet I haven't actually read much of his blog, but for those of you who have political interests or whatever, this guy's pretty onto it. He seems full of wit (though possibly controversial) and also has an interesting game for Wellingtonian's to test their geological brains, I'll tell you about it some time, it's called "If I had heaps of nukes and needed to test them in NZ, which 2 or 3 (max 4) cities/towns would unfortunately have to be turned into a radioactive sea of glass for testing purposes?"

No doubt the bunch of bananas will grow as I visit more blogs...

Me & My Tuesday Night

Popping broad beans from their pods...

Monday, December 12, 2005

Me & My Monday Night

Popping peas from their pods...

Taking the Punishment for a Bollicks Attempt at Poetry

I was thinking of apologising for my pathetic attempt at poetry, when I decided I might as well punish myself instead - by taking a golf ball in the face.

Well, actually, it wasn't intentional... Here's the story...

Yesterday, amidst the burning heat of the "summer" sun (btw - when it decides to stick around for more than 6 hours a week, let me know), playing a game of mini putt, with my band mates and other friends in tow, on the 18th hole 'someone' *cough*nick*cough* (our guitarist) convinced another 'someone' *cough*morgan*cough* (our bassist), to swing her club like Fred Flinstone on P and just watch how far the ball would fly.

She took to the ball like McCallum going for a full blown boundary, but very oddly, it travelled little more than 5 meters... Why??? Someones face was there to greet it, mine!!!

After reeling off a round off profanities with my hands covering my face and a few brief tears, I couldn't stop laughing!!! Who knows why, but despite the pain I thought it was hillarious. Ice was applied, but I now have a 'lil beauty to be shared, my first black eye... Get this, the guy in the office (renound for looking amazingly like Daniel Vettori) wouldn't let me keep the ice pack! With a golf ball sized lump protruding from the right of my right eye, the man requested I return the ice pack, so I thought the kind folk at the local BK might be able to lend a hand.

I guess not all businesses are people friendly - BK had no ice packs AND wouldn't give me free ice! A fellow golfer paid $1.60 for a cup, it's not the price that's of any concern, just the principle. The injury wasn't exactly subtle... Although I was able to convince a gullable friend that I had been mucking around with eyeshadow.

The day after and the swelling has receeded, the colour has darkened, the bone is aching, but at least I get a story to go with it.

So much for a peaceful day with a mellow game of mini putt, it really is a vicious sport...

Sunday, December 11, 2005

My Cat

I have a cat, his name is Zac,
I have a cat, most of his fur is black.
I have a cat, he has a white chin,
I love my cat, he will never be thin!

My cat's name is Zac, he lies beneath the Christmas tree,
My cat's name is Zac, he likes eating casserole for his tea.
My cat's name is Zac, some think he's fat,
I don't care what you think, I like him like that!

I have a cat named Zac, he's not a monkey,
I have a cat named Zac, never will he be lonely.
I have a cat named Zac, he's one of the family,
I have a cat who's name is Zac and I love him dearly!

My cat is cuter than you, cos he's related to me,
He can now claim to have siblings, a many three.
My cat is cuter than you, cos he's a slumbering cutey,
But i know you love me more than him, cos im sleeping beauty :D

Saturday, December 10, 2005

What's in a Monkey's Fruit Basket???

On the right ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
is a sidebar.

Good things which i recommend you keep on (or beneath) a sidebar include;
  • a bar fridge
  • a selection of alcoholic spirits
  • glasses of various shapes and sizes
  • crazy straws (those ones with loops and stuff)
  • a little something that lets your visitors know who you are
  • and fruit

Yes, fruit... and so to the right -----------------------------------------------------------> you will find 'My Fruit Basket.'

In my fruit basket you will find links to places I believe to be seasonaly ripe (and some which require an acquired taste), I think they're tasty and I hope you'll agree. They're there for you to tantalise your taste buds, so in order to tempt you I'll make a few posts to let you know whats there...

Enjoy!! : D

The Definition of NZ Cricket

  • Most runs succesfully chased in a one day international (in the world!)
  • Chasing 323/6 (or was it 7?), the boys made 324/8 from 49 overs
  • Scott Styris surpasses a century on 101
  • The old red travels beyond the eves of the grandstand
  • Vettori/McCallum partnership goes nuts getn 70 sumthing off 30 sumthing
  • The Black Caps beat Aussie...

'nuf said...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Chappelle/Hadlee ODI

K, so the cups goin back to Aus 'again,' but you can't say our Black Caps didn't try! Tonights game was damn intense and needing 3 runs off 2 balls I was feeling hopeful, but damn Lewis who's on his debut puts us all out for 320... grrr... However, our boys did put on an awesome show so congrats to them.

I'm not too good on sport commentary, so if you don't get what I'm talking about, ignore my sporting references.

'til Saturday...

'That' Story about 'That' Banana

This is something I wrote a little while ago at school when I was in the library with friends. It doesn't really have a title, but to amuse and confuse, here it is...

The world said hello, then the world died.

The monkey said hello to the banana, the banana began to dance.

But, the world was dead, so neither the monkey nor the banana existed.

Neither did the whale.

The whale died when the world died, which happened just after the whale said hello to the monkey who said hello to the dancing banana who didn't exist.

After the world died, the sun died.

Because the sun died, the solar system had no centre, so the solar system died.

Everything was then dead.


Because the dancing banana never existed.


Is it a worry if I was sober?

Monday, December 05, 2005

Being 'Fruitful'

So I asked a friend, "are you a fruitful person?" When asked what I meant, I realised that I myself wasn't too sure, so I attempted rewording my question...

"Are you a person with the prosperous potential to invigorate the release of hapiness endorphines in the minds of those around you?"

Anyway, after this enlightenment, I thought if a tree can be fruitful, can it also be leaful? And if it can, can leaful also be used as an adjective to describe an objective noun?

...the things people think can well define boredom...

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Lesson #2

Playing happy tinkery yay-yay christmas carols while hungover just isn't fun...

Best to avoid the situation

Learning About Alcohol...

The following is NOT a good idea...

a 37.5% vodka double shot;
3 quick fuck (Irish cream liquer layered on midori) double shots;
a 50% vodka double shot;
a black sambuca double shot; and
an irish cream, kahlua, sambuca, midori, brandy and vodka mixed double shot...

in half an hour

the day before a concert in which you have to play