Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hmm... Weird

So I'm wondering whether or not my dream I had last week was a bit of a preminition. 'Cos not last night, but Sunday night I had something happen that hasn't happened before. I'm not gonne die or anything, I wasn't going to, no worries, I'm not actually morbid or anything! Just that, well, sometimes I get nose bleeds, kinda bad ones too, so anyway here's me sleeping on Sunday night and I woke up about 3am and I'd been having a nose bleed while I was asleep, I dunno how long for, but sleeping on my back it naturally was all down the back of my throat. Made me feel sick. So anyway, yeah, you probably didn't wanna know bout that, but it was blood, flooding my throat (kinda) so yea, just thought, maybe...

And on a lighter note! This here be my 100th blog for Legend of the TMonkey! Woop woop! No, I'm not jealous of people who have a life. I just don't mind spending 5 or 10 minutes every now and then to write bout what I've been up to, in fact, I rather enjoy it :)

What else am I going to enjoy?? THE SEVENS!!!!!!!! Hell YES! The first Friday and Saturday of February '08 AND it's gonna be my 20th b'day on the Saturday too!! WOOHOOO!!! Double whammy! Can't wait!! Tickets are out tomorrow!!

Why else am I stoaked? 2 A+'s in one day! *Does a little dance* Another double whammy! Dunno how that happened, I've been pretty slack this semester. But STOAKED :D and I'm gonna get a C for Stats probly so gotta make up for it somewhere!!

That's all folks! :D



At 9/12/2007 10:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG... 2 A+'s.... Smarty pants....
Hmmm... ewww to the whole nose bleed thingy.... i read ure dream one that u mention... it was weird hahahaha =S
wow to the whole 100th blog... thats a grand total of 500-1000 Mins u spent writing them (from the times u gave anyway!!!) Dnt see hw you find the time to write blogs and get A+'s... :P Keep writing them tho... they are fun to read!
7's is gona be goooood... but to be honest... I would take MUSE anyday :D


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