Thursday, November 06, 2008


Flagellum. It's nearly the end of the year again. Well, at least the end of semester 2, I'm doing a summer paper this year and working full time, how dumb is that. I need a holiday. Anywho, when the mullah calls, the cat comes crawling - or summat like that. I have Julian. He is my fawn in shining christmas tinsel. Love love. I also have piles of notes of notes of notes - my last exam tomorrow! For the year at least. Woop woop, then a bbq and a well deserved cold beer me thinks :) Apologies to all who miss my sociality, my sociality is alive, it has just been in hibernation - peow peow! Let's go swimming and get some seafood, thumbs up to that. Have a good summer y'ole whoever you are :D

Peace and Joy to the World