Friday, February 24, 2006

Evolution (Part 1)

Evolution is supposedly the development and change to something over a period of time, where the development or change improves the thing which is evolving or changing so that it can funtion more effectively and with more efficiency. So if this is true, then there is one thing about evolution that I just DO NOT get! Why are trees leaves green???

Long Belated Anything Update

As being one who usually strays from the herd, I've succomed to overwhelming socieolitical pressure (Look into the eyes, look into the eyes, not around the eyes, into the eyes *click* you're under... socielitical is a word, it always has been, it means the overall stance of society, the common 'being' of it's people and other things along those lines *click* and you're back in the room...) and I'm going to uni. Victoria that is. I decided this at approx 11.30pm on wednesday night and so stayed up 'til 20 to one looking through the course book because as of then, I hadn't looked at it and my last day for enrolment was yesterday (Thursday).

I'm taking a BA majoring in geography, my second major is criminology. My courses for the year are:

  • Geography 111
  • Geography/Environmental Studies 114
  • Biology 132
  • Psychology 122
  • Anthropology 101
  • Philosophy 104

The psych and anthropology papers make up the points I need to get into criminology, 2nd year, and the 2 geography papers and the biology one will let me transfer to Massey's Bachelor of Resource and Environmental planning next year (if I want), so it's letting me keep my options open (sorta thingyish).

But flagging the logistics and getting to the point, I've signed away the next three years of my life to the government whereby I will give money to the govt so ppl can tell me how to do something so that I will get a job in the specified applied field of work whereby I will be payed, but will be giving more money to the govt as they cut tax from my earned monies and so really its all just a win win for the govt. Were I to not go to uni, i would not be paying the govt to tell me how to do something and I would possibly be earning less money in a job where the govt would be getting less money from the money I earn. What a bummer that would be for the govt, one less uni student, one less person giving them money, one person earning less, one person giving the govt less. Quadruple bummer for them.

And in other news...

  • the bloody mary thing was sooo over-rated
  • i miss my mates that went to palmy heaps
  • i spent $159 on a new cymbal stand for my kit cos i got a splash for my bday
  • a random dude called Jeremy wants me to play drums in his band, i don't know who he is
  • the 340gm blocks of Cadbury Dairy Milk and Fruit & Nut milk chocolate were only $2.99 on Tuesday
  • walking up hills is a bitch
  • my dog is not a bitch
  • my neighbours dog is not a bitch
  • does logic curtail that the dog ontop was therefor gay?
  • i'm glad my dog can run fast

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Long Belated Sporting Update

Matters worth noting
  • Hurricanes kick ass... for now at least
  • Chris Cairns hit a 6 off his last ball to be played in an ODI
  • Kiwi curlers are up there, but still suck cos 75% of a job well done just aint good enough
  • No medals as of yet (I think)
  • Did I mention I pulled a ligament in my right ankle at Parachute? It's still not right. Got a confirmation thingee from ACC though
  • I have an infected toe, rest will prevent the infection spreading. Sorry I let the hockey team down guys, no sport for me. 'Til next week...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Goddamn The Bloody Dentist!

Why does noone ever talk about the dentist? The dentist is talked about less than money. I don't even know why people say that money's a subject not talked about, cos' it's talked about all the time. Anyway, you'll either be able to follow this post or you won't.

Why is everything the dentist does assumed? Everything is a presumption, like you get the little card in the mail. So you go to the dentist. And then if something needs to be fixed they presume you want it fixed. They don't ask if you want it fixed, your lucky if they even tell you what needs to be fixed! They just tell you you need to make another appointment, so they assume you do and then you come back for your next appointment.

So then you're back in their chair and they say, "We're gonna give you some anaesthetic, you'll have to open widely." There's never any "This will be a big needle going in the back of your jaw" "How are you with needles" "Do you mind?""This might hurt a little" "The anaesthetic might branch off through 5 different nerves and paralyse half of your face" "Your heart might adversly feel like it's going to thump a hole through your chest" "Be careful when you stand up, you might faint."

Oh no, never any warning! And how is it they assume you know to keep your jaw still while the needles in there? They assume the anaesthetic will be fine, only afterwards do they compensate, "oh sorry, did that hurt?" What? Are they mocking us? "For flipps sake, you just shoved a 2 1/2 inch needle in the back of my jaw, would you mind letting me know next time?" They always assume it's never your first time. Where's the fricken instruction manual? What happens if someone sneezes with the needle in their gum? Can it go lethal? What exactly is the risk when a patient gets anaethetised?

Then they don't tell you they're going to drill a hole in your tooth, they just assume that you already know. Why the hell are they drilling a hole anyway? Isn't the whole point that there's already a hole there that needs to be fixed... And they assume you know what to do with your tongue, so your tongue assumes the position, regardless of what the position is cos noone actually knows what the position is. What if you move your tongue and it hits the drill and your tongue gets shredded? Can you sue them cos they never instructed you to keep your tongue away? Why do they assume that your tongue can assume the position? Maybe some people have dumb tongues.

Then, after the pain of the anaesthetic needle, your gum is numb and you can't feel any drilling. The drilling is then (supposedly) pain free. Obviously this just won't do, not for the dentist's assistant anyway. No pain, no gain, so the little plastic sucky pipe thing gets rammed into your gums. If someones gonna keep pushing a plastic pipe into my gum it better at least be doing it's job! But noooooo.... let it rain on thine arm and thy face for thou cannot be too undry.

Then the assistant whips out the little light laser gun thingee that helps whatever go dry or something, with their yellow plastic shield, and the dentist leaves the room. Is it radiation? Or what? If it is shouldn't they be telling us we're going to be exposed to radiation? And if the assistant gets a shield, where the hell's the patients one? Or is the health and safety of the patient of no concern to the dental practitioners? Obviously not...

So why is dentistry a subject avoided? If we conversed about it wouldn't we at least then know what to do with our tongue? Or is it just that noone really knows what to do with it?

Maybe I should just assume that everyone else only knows just as much as me.

Regardless of all the above, I rather enjoy going to the dentist. What's so bad about lying on your back with your eyes closed listening to music?

Sorry Dudes...

Kinda left you hanging a bit there...

So I've been up to a fair bit the last 1 and a half weeks, kinda, well not really, but yea.

  • Vodafone X-Air - A weekend of skateboards, rollerblades, bmx's, fmx and hot topless man meat. Gutted I missed the in-line best tricks though, it was the only inline event they had on the street course :-( oh well, maybe next year...

  • NCEA - That time of the year again, got my results back... Woohoo!! I passed 2 of the 4 external calc papers! Lol I'm just stoked cos I got that and thought I'd fail 'em all. Other than that I got 115 credits, I only needed 60 and had actually already passed NCEA level 3 and got UE before I sat my exams. Geography came out tops, followed by Classics, Music, Biology and then Calculus, in that order. I'll give a more detailed account sometime, NCEA's still a right load of bollicks if you ask me. Just waiting on my scholarship paper now.

  • Parachute - Fun, fun, fun. A few random episodes to be told about. Final count of bruises on the arms came to 36, according to my mate, she passed her stats papers I think, so I'll trust her. Some mint moshes, not too sure what's up with the big surge in throwdown, but whatever. A good weekend had by all.

  • Back to Work - Well not really, two days supervising a holiday programme in town, which was actually alot of fun at 15 bucks an hour, and my first day back in the pharmacy for 3 weeks.

  • My Birthday - Yes, it was my birthday... and for those of you who missed it and didn;t wish me a happy day, you all deserve to die and rot in hell. But you know I love you... I'm 18!!! hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe good times will be had...

  • New Phone - My old one was fully bung. Same number though for those of you who have it. For those of you who don't... it's because I think you're weird, but you know I love you too...

  • Umm...yeh - More later...