Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rat Disection! mmmm yummy :)

So, BIOL 114, Biology of Animals... Finished off our rat disections in lab today. It was our last disection on it so they said once we'd finished doing what we had to do we could go ahead and do whatever we want, cos theyr just gonna be thrown away.

So, I skinned it. I cut up it's heart. Slit it's skull in two and took it's brains out. Cut up it's tail. Slit open it's ball sac. Popped out it's eyeballs. Put my scalpel through it's ears. Split it's tongue in two. Ripped off it's lower jaw bones (kept these as a souvenir). And cut off it's dick.

Moral of the story... I hope you stay in my good books :)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Hello My Dear Blog...

...It has been a while. Too long in fact. I miss my dear blog. Oh dear blog. I love you. Yes, I love my blog... :)

A series of unfortunate events...

I'm at uni, sitting in a room, with computers and people. And a clock.. it reads 35 past 10, but that mustn't be right. 'Cos my computer says it's only 10.32. Precision my friends, precision. Like when your driving a car. Like that which I didn't have yesterday when I nearly went front on into another car. I guess it's a good thing I have a quick reaction time. I was busy ok? It's not my fault. Just like it's not the guys fault I was watching that was cleaning graffiti off his fence. It's the graffiti artists fault. They graffitied, then the guy had to clean it off, this drew my attention, and I nearly died. See? This is why people shouldn't graffiti, graffiti kills. But then one ponders the idea of social responsibility. is it REALLY the graffiti artists fault? Or is it the fault of society? It's not their fault they were bought up in Porirua East, they're just a product of their surroundings, right? But then I guess we could just blame it on America. They have gangs. Their media influences our media. Our media influences our people. America's gangs influence our gangs which creates gang culture. Gang culture requires tagging of territory. Tagging of territory espouses into graffiti in general.

America, I just realised that yesterday, you nearly killed me. Where is your conscience??