Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Battle of Mushroonianally-ville

Reload the pumpkin pie with pickled chestnuts


Because, let me tell you this, pixies need pumpkin pie to defend their mushroom land against the smidjin elves!

It all started the day the evil fairies came and sprinkled mahogany black fairy dust all across the ancient mystic land of Mushroonianally-ville. The mahogany black Zeusmeister had sent the fairies out to darken all the lands in his kingdom because the magical hapiness of the pixies and smidjin elves had been preventing any of his magic from working! So upset was he, that he endeavoured to turn the pixies and smidjin elves against one another!

And so, when his left brain had a meeting with his right brain, it was decided that his fairies would be sent out across Mushroonianally-ville with fairy dust that turned happiness into greed! From that day forth, all the happy pixies and smidjin elves turned against each other in their quests to take over all the land in Mushroonianally-ville!

The pixies were the underdogs in the epic battle, the smidjin elves out numbered the pixies by many many hundreds. Pressure was also mounted on the pixie population because they knew a flaw in the Zeusmeisters magic black mahogany fairy dust! You see, should the smidjin elves win the Battle of Mushroonianally-ville, they would forever live greedily under the evil reign of Zeusmeister, eventually turning on one another, BUT if the pixies, the underdogs, could come out on top of such an epic battle, their greed would be returned to happiness, and their happiness would once again stop the Zeusmeisters evil magic from haunting their lands!

And so, to defeat the smidjin elves and defend their land, the pixies, known for the homemade cooking, made the greatest pumpkin pie ever imaginable! The pie would be capable of spitting ammunition far far across the lands! Eventually, after testing many theories relating to construction of matter, projectile efficacy and aerodynamics, the power of pickled chestnuts was unleashed upon the smidjin elves - using the pixies giant pumpkin pie!

And THIS is why we must work together to reload the pumpkin pie with pickled chestnuts!

We can't have the evil Zuesmeister with his evil fairies and greedy elves bringing the dark demise of Mushroonianally-ville now, can we?

Tom Mayo's Green Peace Anti Whaling Campaign


Monday, February 05, 2007

So, I Was Just Wondering...

Rubbish. Negative, yea? Not cool. So, we recycle it yea? Or like, throw it away, put it out for the rubbish truck, take it to the tip - put it into a plastic bag so it can go somewhere to biodegrade (or whatever).

But ummm, error. Plastic doesn't biodegrade/rot/etc, so why do we put rubbish into plastic bags? Or do the plastic bags we use ACTUALLY biodegrade and we just don't know it?

Are black plastic bags best because black attracts more heat and therefor the rubbish inside sweats faster from the heat hence dampnifying and moulding and rotting and dying away into whence it came much faster?

What happens once the rubbish has rotted, if its in a plastic bag? Does it just sit in the plastic bag? Cos plastic doesn't biodegrade very well at all, and plastic is a big negative for the environment.

Vital questions. Answers anyone?

Michael Jackson, OMG

Classic Hits played Black or White on the radio today.

That's so cool.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


I'm at work again. Maybe I'll make this my regular update my blog time. Work seems to be the only time I'm not busy, funny that...

Anywho, celebration, celebration. Yesterday was my 19th birthday and it's kicked off a very nice weekend. Got all dressed up yesterday with one of my best mates for the Wellington leg of the International Sevens, perhaps I'll put pics up sometime, hmm... So, drank beer, got dressed up, made ourselves dirty, and we were off. And man was it hot or what? Met up with some other mates and spent most of the day with some random fireman dudes. Lotsa fun was had. The went to town, free birthday drinks from my mate at Shooters went down well, then headed to tawa for another mates house party. It was a good time to catch up with some uni mates and other randoms I haven't seen for ages.

Heading back into town again tonight, after another mates house party in Northland, and gonna get dressed up again! Why? Because we can. Dressing up's fun. Me n my mate are DIY girls, yus! In my brothers overalls, with ear muffs, saftey goggles, other random accessories, and covered in soot/grease/whatever you wanna call it.

I was gutted yesterday though, the guards wouldn't let me take my tin rubbish bin lid into the Sevens cos they said it could be used as a frisbee. We later tested this theory in Tawa - a good frisbee? Negative. But a weapon of mass destruction on the other hand? Well, there's potential.

I gotta shoot back off to work, lunch breaks over. I had beef lasagne and coleslaw. Now I have lollies and cheeseballs - classic party food. Cherrio(s) :)

(Hahah. That was a pun.)