Monday, November 27, 2006

Inhilation of the Screaming Ewoks

My summer hockey team, whom I love so dearly... who kick arse!!

A lil less arse tonight perhaps (our first loss of the season), but so far we've given the best beating in our class! 36-3, so proud...

If we win next week, the first round of the round robins, we're still in with a chance at top of the table! Yay! Go us!!!

So if there is no meaning to life, why do we bother to live it?

Because you'd be stupid not to

Re: The Meaning of Life

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Following on from the previous post, I thought I'd clear up the question of whether love is real. And really, that's a stupid question. Of course love is real, that is, if your concept of love is the same as what I assume it is... Fundamentally love is that feeling you get, somewhere in your tum tum belly or something... So, fundamentally, of course love exists, you can't choose whether you believe in love or not because, fundamentally, love is the product of a chemical reaction. Therefore it exists. And ain't nothin' you can do 'bout it.

Unless you choose to severe some part of your brain that endorses the production and or reactions of such chemicals in order to prevent such emotion being created.

Maybe some fucked up people truly don't know what love feels like. Like, hardcore druggies or something...

Ahh, isn't that a pity...

(good reason not to do drugs perhaps)

The Meaning of Life

So we ask ourselves "what is the meaning of life?" And so I endeavoured to answer the question instead of keeping on asking it... Meaning, it occured to me, is a concept, as is purpose. Life only has meaning or so called purpose if we choose to believe in such concepts. They are thoughts only of human imagination. Were we to not have been born with semantic ability, we would not pose such ridiculously absurd questions, because we would never have created the concepts in the first place. Really there is no true answer. Concepts are based on perception, therefore any meaning or purpose we were to give to life, should we hold such belief, would be maleable and ever varied according to our perception of the concepts of meaning or purpose.

So, my next question I endeavour to answer is "do I believe in the actual being of concepts?" And, well actually, I don't. For example, I often question the concept of words, like... a table for example, we call a table a table, but the word table is only a concept, what if a chair was called a table? It'd still be the same thing, with the same purpose, but a different name, the name is irrelevant because the word is only a concept of our semantic creations.

So if life has no meaning and no purpose, what really is the point?

Well, I'll tell you.

You are a fragment of time. Your being alters such time in that your words and actions affect who and what you are around, therefore, your life is what you make it. Choose your actions and words carefully because they define what impact you have on time. If you believe in concepts being more than semantic, then it may be translated to you that your meaning or purpose in life is to be the best you can be to make the most of the time you have to influence the people and things that surround you, so that you can say your input in your time helped make a better future.

Ahh, isn't that nice...


Dork Central = Me

Population = One

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dear Diary

I am dead.

Last night I got like, zero sleep. It's been happenning quite a bit recently, I just cannot get a good nights sleep for the life of me. Last week was pretty much the worst week of sleep ever in my life, one night it took FIVE hours lying in bed with my light out to get to sleep. I keep waking around 6 or 7am every morning, if I have an early night (bed round 10pm) I wake up at 3am then again at 6 or 7am, then sleep through 'til noon. Otherwise I have a whole night of shallow sleep, the ones where you think you're asleep, but your completely aware of yourself the whole time, and in the morning you feel like you haven't slept at all. That's what I feel like today, I don't think I slept at all last night, there was an earthquake around 3.30am this morning, I know this not because it woke me, but because I was already awake!!

I'm dead.

And I'm supposed to be going out tonight! Dinner at Kitty O' Shea' s for a mates birthday - I'm supposed to be ALIVE! I know I'll be fine, but then I'll go out afterwards as well and kill myself a little more.

Tomorrow you'll find me in the morgue.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Busy Days

Ok, so I know it's been a while, but hey, I've been busy!! You know, with umm... study? Or something... Second semester has been and gone, not quite as awesome as the first, but great nonetheless, spending my days hanging out with mates and learning about things I'm actually interested in! Most of the time anyway... Results should all be out soon! Anyday now...

Last night was awesome! We've been off uni for a few weeks now so I thought I'd get a few people out of their hobbit holes for some drinks and a catch up, perhaps a few too many were had, but it was all for a great cause - socialism! Beer and pool and saw, through the brilliance of my peripheral vision, the slaughter of our NZ Breakers by the Sydney Kings, 109-88, better luck next time I guess... Which actually brings up a conversation I had with my mate playing pool yesterday, defining what is or what is not fate, coincidence and luck, and wether these terms can in fact be differentiated and how and can you only believe in one? Or can you believe in more than one? Or is that then selective belief? Undermining the actual being of such terms? Don't worry, I'm confusing myself too, anyway, it is an interesting topic of conversation...

But back to the sport:

The season of cricket is nigh! And indeed in my endeavours to extend my knowledge of the sport I shall revert to my reliable sorce of cricket gander from Jimmy Jangles, if he's still on top of it all. I've already checked all the dates and can't wait for beer in the sun (if it comes) and the international games coming to Wgtn, Sri Lanka, the Chappell-Hadlee Series, the Aussies and indeed I shall keep an eye on the Ashes!

Rugby - the AB's are kicking arse as usual, what more can I say?

I wonder when chicken wrestling will hit it big in NZ...