Thursday, August 31, 2006

Funniest Thing...

Okay yada yada I need to post more on my blog n yada yada.... I'm a busy person! Hehe, but I love you all neways AND I do have LOTS to share... just not lots of time, i guess.

But I just learnt the funniest thing, I'm gonna be laughing all day!

Here's the background info first:
  • Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre, Masterton - accomodates ~40 full time students, and is host to groups of ~5 short course students who turn up for a week, about 4 times a year.
  • Last year, I went on one of these short courses for a week.
  • There was a ratio in the full time students of about 37 guys to 3 girls. This ratio is good for the girls, for the guys however, not so much. The lack of options meant umm... horny farm boys?? Lots of them??
  • So when the short course students turn up, and there's a female amongst them, there's a bit of new meat on the block... to put it bluntly.

So, I had an interesting week that week, quite amusing, about 20 guys hitting on me 24/7 all week, highly entertaining, all trying to get me in the sack BUT I'm a hard nut to crack...


I just learnt something more entertaining, to quote my sources...

"wen u met us 'farm boys' what did u think of us crawlin all ova u bcoz u was a virgin?"

"did u hear bowt the bounty on you? $250 to hueva cud pop u"

"sadly enuff u wudnt 'have a bar' of us 'farm boys' "

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA $250?? They obviously didn't try hard enough lol funny sh*t, good tyms...

More about good times later...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

About TDF

It ended, the dude won the thing, but now they think he took that stuff so they did one o' them things and are waiting to find out if he took that stuff and see if he still gets to keep that thing, so yea. Sweet.

So Like, What If The World Ended Tomorrow?

Well, to be frank, if the world ended tomorrow noone would really give a damn cos we'd all be dead. So just don't ask silly questions, ok??