Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Death By Neuron Firing

Inevitably, in the end, we all die.

But WHY do we actually die? Can't we just keep replenishing the physical aspects of our body and live forever? Well, we already know the answers no, so I'm goin to offer a simple explanation...

The answer is... we run out of potassium, chloride and sodium, or we lose the ability to facilitate these chemicals - we are sick and tired of them and so begin to reject them, after ~80 years, wat organism in its right mind would want to continue accumulating more of the same shit? So basically we start rejecting the very chemicals that allows internal communication within our brains.

So I guess, just lyk an autumn leaf, we have to tumble some time and all thats left to do is fall to the ground and decompose

Friday, July 07, 2006

A Few Points Which Have Been Brought To My Attention

  • Sleep is an oxymoron, the body passes out, but the brain keeps ticking...
  • Sleep sucks when you are aware that you are sleeping while your are sleeping and you therefore never get enough sleep.
  • When something comes from 'out of the blue' is that a reference to the sky/water? 'cos I'm thinking it's possible that quote was originally 'out of the hue,' which could make more sense when being used for a reference to something coming from out of nowhere.
  • EVERYTHING in moderation. I strongly believe in the morale of work hard, play hard. My A+ grade in alcohol consumption has been well complemented by straight A's through my first semester courses, a true all round student. Play hard, but somewhere, somehow, have the self discipline to keep everything else at the same standard... Geog111 A-; Anth101 A-; Stats193 A
  • University courses hurt my brain, note to self: when planning courses, work backwards and never look ahead. If that curtails LOGIC (just for u J :P) to you, then well done, you understand my predicament.
  • After 24hrs of internal debate and metaphorical slaps for COMPLETELY screwing up on meeting course requirements, my brain has climacticly imploded and my courses for this semester are now as follows; Geog112, Psyc122, Hist116, Hist118. Never done History as a subject before and it's presence in my curriculum is completely new.
  • I kick arse at air hockey, even if I did lose a single game to the Cavalier, I still owned.
  • Peas in a pod is like carrots in the dirt.
  • Valverde's (sp?) gone with a broken collar bone, another big name gone. O'grady caked it and that's another name missing from the Top 10 overall leaderboard...
  • Bonan got the Yellow Jersey off Hincapie, I think it was stage 2 that happened on... but either way, I think I'll pick Hincapie for the overall winner, or maybe the Hushovd (sp?) dude from out of the hue, or some flukie rookie.
  • I could afford a stick bag for my kit, so I got one.
  • My mate's team won their social Indoor Cricket final easy as, Parry's the man. They took a clear victory.
  • Ashvin also is cos he sussed the Lost series onto disc for me.
  • Jo from New York's the man too, cos he just is.
  • So are my brothers cos I love 'em.
  • My monitor is goin to fully, completely and utterly carc it like a carcas..
  • I haven't driven since I last blogged about it, I really should get my A into G and my car out of P.
  • Discretion's a feature of my subconcience? I will give myself a smile and a nod and knowledgeably know what I'm talking about...
  • Sometimes, it rains in France...
  • Oh, and btw, Nice&Natural's Gluten Free Yogurt Natural Nut bar is a source of fibre, contains no preservatives and is made with natural ingredients. Not to mention made in NZ. AND I have never eaten one before in my life and don't care if I do or I don't, but anyways, there's a web address on the pack that's sitting next to me.* hmm.... wonder if I can get a free sample?
  • Fcuk! Martinez just carc'd it! All the wrong riders are getting dealt to this year...
  • Sometimes, it rains in France... (and although it was actually raining there earlier, that is most certainly able to be interpreted metaphorically by all means)

*Again, no, this is not a paid advertisement

Monday, July 03, 2006

Le Tour de France

It's the time of year again, when the jerseys are back up for grabs. Minus Armstrong, Ulrich and Basso, the biggest names are missing, but I still enjoy watching the progression of the peloton and strategies at play in the breakaway packs... Should be interesting to see who takes the Yellow jersey this year, Hincapie has it at the mo. A photo finish at the end of the first stage showed how intense the competition is going to be this year.

"Hushovd has crashed in the finale. He is bleeding profusely from the right elbow and appears to be in a terrible state..." - Aren't reporters just a little of the top sometimes?? However, spectators should keep their weapons behind the barriers

And drug scandals

A few early mornings to come me thinks...

And in other news, went out Saturday night, really should've slept, was pretty tired the whole night. Plus I have pulled tendons in both my legs from last Saturday. I think they're the ones by the pereneal nerves... Got to bed at 5.30am, woke up at 12.30ish, 7hrs wasn't enough!! But yea, had a pajama day, stayed in them for the whole day and did practically nothing. I DID leave the house though, went for a ride in my brothers new car. Round the bays, which was fun, I like his new car...

And I got lots of new piano music last night, including Listen to Your Heart, by DHT, which I'm pretty stoaked about; Come As You Are, by Nirvana; Because of You, by Kelly Clarkson; Wonderwall, by Oasis; a whole heap of George Winston which I've been looking for for aaaaaaaaages, including his arrangement of Pachelbel's Canon; and a whole heap of others, I ended up printing off a stack of piano music about 2cm thick!!! Topped up the printer paper about 4 times...

I'm completely rambling on now, I have to sort out my uni papers for next semester too.

Hmm... pickles and donuts and apple pie? Or strawberries and cream??

Mmmmmmmmmm..... not enough sleep has been had lately.....