Saturday, May 27, 2006


I've been drinking

I'm not happy

Don't talk to me

End of story

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Trying To Catch Up, But The Brain Won't Stop Spinning

*current state of mind - drunk?*

Things I'm not pleased about

  • VUW student bar, jugs... were $7, now $12 (I realise to those in the know that this is not new news, but for the rest of you...)
  • Massey uni subsidises their student bar, they have $5 jugs, why doesn't VUW?
  • Cornflakes. Usually when we run out of cornflakes, i top up the cereal tup-a-ware with a full bag of cornflakes, I usually only JUST manage to fit a full bag of cornflakes in the container, but the last time it happened? I had an empty inch and a half to fill at the top of the container. Is this not a Sanitarium rip-off?? I want my full container of cornflakes!
  • The Maori Education Trust. I know they're thinkin' of givin' me money, but I was supposed to hear 'bout it 2 weeks ago! I'm running out of money, especially with the damn rising alcomchol prices... Mum says they're running on Maori time. Guess I'm used to that in this household.
  • People dropping rubbish. I don't like it. And now people do it intentionally just cos they know it pisses me off. So what if I'm remotely OCD, what's your point? Just don't fucken drop your rubbish on the floor or the pavement. Put it in the bin. Surely not that hard.
  • Screwtop toothpaste tubes. They just make a finicky job that much more finicky.

Things that make me think I'm weird

  • The guy who calls me LSD girl.
  • My OCD regarding litter.
  • My temporary pereneal nerve neuroproxia.
  • My excessive dimethyltryptamine production.
  • My chondro malacia patella syndrome.
  • That I know what words like merdivorous mean and you don't.

Reasons uni is bad for the soul

  • It just fucken is. Period. Unless you've drunk yourself under the table, in which case the state of your soul is probably irrelevant... Which I guess is bad for the soul in itself. Meh.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Does it mean I'm off to a bad start when I put the cornflakes away in the fridge and the milk in the pantry???

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Nod Nod Roger Waters

Damn it's been nearly a month!

Being a social uni student is so tiering and time consuming these days...

No worries, I'll get onto a full update soon. I have too, I need to complain bout the rising prices of alcomohol at the uni bar!