Thursday, March 23, 2006


Just wanted to state, for the record, despite having accustomed myself to the alcoholic beverage suppliers at the residence of my current education facility:
  • I did NOT coma 2 days in a row in the middle of the afternoon last Thurs/Fri
  • I have NEVER comad from the consumption of alcohol
  • I will NOT be comering from the consumption of alcohol anytime (in the near future)

As my education is proving, I have also learnt:

  • Beer gives me hangovers
  • Spirits don't
  • Beer and cricket go together well (the boys got something right for once)
  • A pool table and Radio Hauraki would be better if they were in the bar and meat friendly cafe, as apposed to the evil meat hating vego place

Such a rich environment for stimulated learning, who's got the next round??

Wanna Learn Something New? Wanna be Disturbed? Anthropolgy 101

So yesterdays tutorial... hmm umm yea. Ever heard of the Semai? They're a group of people (ie. a culture) in Papa New Guinea, actually I don't think you really want the details...

But too bad, you're getting them.

While studying life stages (ie. the stages of life in different cultures) we became well informed of the life stages of the male specimen in the Semai.

The Semai view the first 7 years of life as the time you are filled with all things maternal and feminine (eg. mother's breast milk, motherly love & nurture etc), so once a boy gets to 7 they really need to get all the femininty taken out of them and replaced with some more masculine inputs. How about semen?? So for the next 10 years (7-17) they live through consumption of the semen of their male elders as well as annual shock rituals (eg. a male elder jumps on their back, flips them over and jabs a stick up their nose). Following this, they have two years of being bisexual, sex with their male elders, aswell as with their newlywed wife.

Then they hit 19 and they truly are real men...

It's good not to be a guy

Just another day in Anthropolgy

Monday, March 13, 2006

Time! Give Me Time!

Notes for point:
  • my apologies, again, for being such a slack arse
  • thanx jj, again, for providing adequate links to important sporting events that keep people such as myself happy
  • uni actually isn't 2 shabby...
  • high hopes for 'this' blog
  • i want my carpet back
  • i want to eat my lasagne
  • i want chocolate
  • i want time
  • my anthropology lecturer is a nutter, quote "Violet's are red, roses are blue, I'm a schitzophrenic and so am I."
  • Anderton has launched Schizophrenia Awareness Week just in time...

More soon...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I'm sorry, did I just hear what I think I heard? I believe I did...

Pink Floyd coming on tour, regardless of whether Rog boy comes or not, they say they're coming.

Also, bringing the oldskool to Welly, Deep Purple are playing the Events Centre (April I think). How old would those guys be now anyway?

Smoke on the war---ter--- a fire in the sky...

Evolution (Part 2)

They should be black.